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Amazon release Send to Kindle for Mac

Published on 25 April 2012 18:17 GMT by Lou

Today Amazon have released their Send to Kindle App for the Apple Mac.

When you first start the app you will need to enter your Amazon account details.

[Image: stkmac1-20120425-175546.jpg]

Opening the application display a window where you can drag and drop personal documents.

[Image: stkmac2-20120425-175717.jpg]

Once you drop a suitable document on, you will see a screen which allows you to set a document name, author name, choose to have it delivered via Wi-Fi or Whispernet (which may incur a charge) and also which Kindle, Kindle App or Device you would like it sent to. Finally you can choose whether the document is archived in the cloud.

Supported document formats are :

Microsoft Word (.DOC)
Microsoft Word (.DOCX)

[Image: stk3-20120425-175902.jpg]

Once the document is uploaded, you are advised to wait for a few minutes.

[Image: stkmac4-20120425-180141.jpg]

And that's it. Simple as can be.

Also, for convenience, there is a right click (or ctrl click for people with only one button) context menu from the finder and also from the services menu, so you can simply select 'Send to Kindle' from the pop up.

[Image: stk4-20120425-181211.jpg]

[Image: stk5-20120425-181355.jpg]

[Image: dlstk-20120425-181719.jpg]

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