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3 New Kindle Fire Models?

Published on 30 March 2012 11:28 GMT by Sue

A hot new rumour is circulating claiming that Amazon are set to release not one new Kindle Fire, but three.

The rumour which appears to have originated in Taiwan claims that Amazon have three models in development, two of which are 7" models at two different resolutions, a 1024x600 model (as per the current Kindle Fire) and a 1280x800 model alongside a 8.9" HD model at 1920x1200.

Whilst the 8.9" Model and an upgrade to the 7" model sound feasible, the co-existence of two new 7" models sounds very far fetched.

As well as these rumours, there are also older rumours of a 10" Kindle Fire being released later this year. Which of these, if any, turn out to be true we can only wait to find out.

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