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Colour e-ink Kindle rumour

Published on 20 February 2012 16:43 GMT by Lou

There is currently a rumour circulating that Amazon has put in an initial order for Triton e-ink screens from E-ink holdings for March with plans for increasing production to 3 million units a month thereafter. This coincides with rumours of a larger Kindle Fire unit being produced by Foxconn for the second quarter of 2012.

We took a look at the Triton e-ink display way back in September at which point the technology seemed already to be very robust. It would make perfect sense for Amazon to be planning a Kindle based on this technology particularly as it requires little or no change to form-factor.

Of course, should a colour e-ink device be released this year in the US, we can expect at least a six month time lag before we see anything land in the UK based on the reluctance to release the Kindle Touch here despite it now shipping internationally to the Democratic Republic of Congo...

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