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Amazon lagging behind in interactive eBook creation

Published on 09 February 2012 17:51 GMT by Frank

Despite the release of Kindle Format 8 which is currently only supported by the Kindle Fire, it seems that Amazon are really lagging behind in the interactive eBook stakes.

Kindle Format 8 is still very restricted and whilst it adds some new layout options and media embedding, there is still no actual framework of user interaction beyond stopping and starting a video or sound and with no real javascript support, little option for anything beyond a simple hyperlink click or pop-up.

As well as this lack of functionality, the actual content creation process is extremely convoluted and something even I as a professional HTML develop have trouble getting to grips with. The layout itself is no problem, but the conversion from HTML to a .mobi file requires hand editing XML files and using a command line utility to do the conversion. Even creating a simple table of contents can be a real pain.

Despite lots of tools for producing standard text books and auto conversion, there is a real lack of software for going beyond basic text layouts without resorting to editing text files.

By contrast Apple have embraced the media properly and are offering, for free, a wonderful piece of creative software called iBooks Author which really does make creating an interactive book a creative process and not a technical one.

The Kindle Creative Process :

[Image: amzcp-20120209-175151.jpg]

The iBooks Creative Process

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