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Installing Apps on a UK Kindle Fire

Published on 04 February 2012 15:57 GMT by Lou

How to sideload apps onto your Kindle Fire without rooting.

If you are using a Kindle Fire in the UK, you may be frustrated that there is currently no way to download applications from Amazon's App Store. There are however alternative methods for loading Apps onto the fire.

This is one of the easiest methods and doesn't require any rooting or hacking of the Fire.

Andoid apps come packaged in a format called .apk and providing you can download these files to your Kindle Fire, many of them will install and run correctly. The main difficulty lies in launching the files to install them as there is no built-in file browser on the Kindle Fire, but thanks to the Fire coming with Quick Office installed, we can work around this in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1.

We need to allow the Kindle Fire to open Apps from sources other than Amazon.

To do this, go to the Kindle Fire home screen and click on the Cog icon top right to open the system settings.

[Image: qo7-20120204-154301.jpg]

Now, select the More icon.

[Image: qo8-20120204-154158.jpg]

From the option list, select Device

[Image: qo10-20120204-154700.jpg]

and then under 'Allow Installation of Applications' change this to ON

[Image: qo9-20120204-154536.jpg]

Step 2.

First, we download a free application called ES File Explorer. This nice little App give the Kindle Fire a familiar icon/folder view of everything stored in the built in SD card including your documents, downloads and books.

Normally we would recommend downloading ES File Explorer direct from the vendors website, but as this seems to be down at the time of writing, it is attached and downloadable below. (to quickly see this page on your Kindle Fire, enter in the browser after logging in to your forum account)

(Note: you can also download this file from with your PC/Mac and copy it to your Kindle Fire manually. If you don't have a folder called Download, you can make one)

Once the file starts downloading, you should see a notification on the top bar of the Kindle Fire (see below) be sure not to click more than once as it may start multiple downloads. When the file has finished downloading, it will be stored in a Download folder on the Kindle Fire.

[Image: qo11-20120204-155745.jpg]

Step 3.

To launch the installer, first open Quick Office from the carousel or from the Apps Menu from the Kindle Fire home screen.

Next, click on the Browse icon from the Quickoffice opening screen.

[Image: qo1-20120204-152247.jpg]

From the menu that comes up, choose Internal Storage and then the Download folder

[Image: qo2-20120204-152417.jpg]

[Image: qo3-20120204-152529.jpg]

Finally, tap once on the file called ES File Explorer.apk (if you can't see this, your download may not have completed)

[Image: qo4-20120204-152754.jpg]

This will then bring up the Install Application screen. Just click to install the App.

[Image: qo5-20120204-155523.jpg]

When the installation is complete, you can access ES File Explorer from the Apps menu on the home screen.

With the App installed, you can now download more .apk App files to your Kindle Fire and install them straight from ES File Explorer without having to use the Quick Office trick.

[Image: qo6-20120204-155431.jpg]

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