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KUF Official Review Carbon Fibre Skins for Amazon Kindle

Published on 17 January 2012 17:13 GMT by Lou

Supplier: Carbon Fibre Skins
Price: £12.50

Slightly different from your usual skins, these new self-adhesive carbon fibre skins are designed to protect the back of your Kindle from scratches and damage.

They come in a wide range of styles and colours for both Kindle Keyboard and Kindle 4 (no Kindle Touch yet)

[Image: skin1-20120117-164232.jpg]

The skins have been designed to be as unintrusive as possible and are therefore very lightweight whilst still retaining a high degree of durability.

The review pack I was sent included wood-effect, alligator skin and several varieties of the carbon fibre style (the gold one is particularly nice). As well as being patterned, the skins are also properly textured, so the alligator skin really does feel how you would expect. You can choose whether to have the Kindle logo cut-out of the design which adds an extra dimension, but does add to the difficulty of applying the skin. In all there are nine different finishes available.

[Image: skin2-20120117-165453.jpg]

Applying the skins wasn't as difficult as I expected, being a fairly clumsy individual and within a minute or so I had the skin firmly stuck on the back of my Kindle. There is a window of time to readjust, so you don't have to be spot on accurate the first time.

I haven't used the skin over an extended period, but so far it hasn't come unstuck and seems to be pretty solid. One slight gripe is that the extra thickness of the skin is slightly noticeable when holding the Kindle as the edge is slightly raised above the outer casing. This may however depend on your particular Kindle and how flush the back cover sits.

The Kindle Keyboard skins have suitable areas cut out to allow for the speakers and apply in a similar fashion to the Kindle 4 skins.


If you are looking for some extra protection for your Kindle or want to give it a bit of a makeover then these skins are a very good choice with their easy application and the fact that they add practically no noticeable weight to the Kindle itself.

My one reservation is that, if you use a cover frequently, you aren't really going to see very much of the skin, so perhaps a better investment for those who like their Kindle naked.

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Carbon Fibre Skins are very kindle offering a 30% discount to the first 10 KUF members who order, and a 20% discount to everyone else up until 31st January.

If you would like to purchase one of these skins, go to


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