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Off The KUF Volume Two. An anthology of short fiction by KUF Authors.

Published on 09 December 2013 14:27 GMT by Lou

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Now Available at Amazon for £1.99

Off the KUF Volume 2 is an anthology of short fiction, guaranteed to appeal to readers of all genres! Whether you're a fan of mysteries, thrillers, historicals, romance, humour, literary fiction, horror or science fiction, Off the KUF will keep you entertained.

This book features 30 standalone stories, ranging from bite-sized drabbles to multi-part tales. These showcase the wide-ranging styles of our talented indie authors, many of whom you'll be inspired to read more from.

Volume 2 is edited by David Wailing and the contributing authors are (in alphabetical order): H.K. Abell, Andrew Barrett, Kim Brooks, Alan G. Brown, Michael Diack, Anna Faversham, John Gregory Hancock, Jennifer Hanning, Rick Haynes, Jonathan Hill, Martin Roy Hill, Ken Magee, Julia McLaren, Kath Middleton, K.Z. Morano, Lee Penney, C. Charlotte Pollnitz, Tara Pollnitz, Katherine Roberts, Alex Roddie, Tony Gareth Smith, Katie W. Stewart, Ryan Thomas, Rosen Trevithick, David Wailing, Louise Warman, Lou Wellman, Andrew Craig Williams and Anne Wrightwell. The front cover is by Katie Stewart at Magic Owl Designs.

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