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Link your books to your visitors' correct Amazon store automatically.

Published on 29 March 2013 11:34 GMT by Lou

I just wanted to remind everyone about our system which will automatically direct your readers to their correct Amazon store (, .com, .ca etc) via a single short link.

The system is dead easy to use. To create a link, either go to http://AUTHL.IT and use the link creator or alternatively :

You can automatically link to your book by adding the ASIN, eg : http://AUTHL.IT/B00764VOT4  - this will automatically divert to a page with the correct region Amazon emphasised along with some details about your book.

You can skip the intermediate page and force links to go direct to Amazon if you like by simply adding a ?d parameter on the end of the URL eg: http://AUTHL.IT/B00764VOT4?d

The system works by detecting the visitors country of origin and directing them to the most relevant Amazon region's page for your book.

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