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Converting from ePub to Kindle (Mobi) with Kindle Previewer

Published on 19 March 2013 10:06 GMT by KUF OFFICIAL NEWS

There are plenty of ways to convert books from ePub to Kindle .Mobi format including the superb Calibre, but did you know that Amazon's very own Kindle Previewer App can do the conversion too and also make a very good job of it.

Converting is incredibly simple this way - just follow the steps below to do a quick conversion from ePub to Mobi :

Before you start, you will need to download and install Kindle Previewer for Windows or Mac OS X from Amazon here :

One the application is installed, open Kindle Previewer and you're ready to convert. Note that this will not convert ePub files which have DRM protection.

Step 1..
From the File menu, open the ePub book you want to convert (you can also drag the ePub file you want to convert on to the Kindle Previewer window.) It should begin converting immediately.

[Image: ep1-20130319-095748.jpg]

Step 2.
Once the conversion has finished, you will see a report and a link to the converted file. Click the word 'Here' to open the folder containing the newly created .Mobi file. You can now transfer this to your Kindle and begin reading.

[Image: ep2-20130319-100023.jpg]

[Image: ep3-20130319-100135.jpg]

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