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Chrome on Fire : Improve your Kindle Fire web browsing experience.

Published on 15 March 2013 15:35 GMT by KUF OFFICIAL NEWS

Amazon's Silk browser on the Kindle Fire leaves a lot to be desired, so if you are fed up with your web browser crashing or websites not working properly you may want to check out our Chrome APK for Kindle Fire.

[Image: chromefire-20130315-153218.jpg]

Google's Chrome is one of the best browser options around and it works exceptionally well on Amazon's Kindle Fire. You cannot download Chrome from the Amazon App Store, but you can install Chrome easily with our APK file taken directly from Google Play.

Using Chrome on your Kindle Fire makes for a more stable and smooth browsing experience as well as offering incognito browsing and a stack of other functions not available in the default Silk browser.

To install Chrome, visit our APK page here :

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