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I write. Mostly that's who I am. It feels like that should be less boring ... when I was young I was a cop. That was only boring when it wasn't ridiculous, terrifying or sad.

Writing is better because no one throws up on your shoes.

Unless you have a cat.

Books Adira August Has Written

Adira August

desire for Bliss (RiverHart Book 2)


Adira August

desire for Touch (RiverHart Book 1)


Adira August

On His Knees (RiverHart Book 5)

Gay & Lesbian

Adira August

Writing for Ben (RiverHart Book 4)


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  • Kindle Fire

Currently Reading
How to Bang a Billionaire by Alexis Hall

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The Naughty Step by Nikky Kaye

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non-fiction, detective, erom, historical,

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