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Pyramat Sound Rocker S2500w

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13 Jun 2012, 10:14 PM | Post: #1

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Pyramat Sound Rocker S2500w

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I'm selling one of those things that I always wanted as a kid but now that I've finally managed to get it I don't have time to use it...
I loved this chair and I managed to get it. But never managed to enjoy it... no time for games! So it's almost new and in perfect condition!

She's a Pyramat Sound Rocker S2500w and has a 5" 'Powersub' Subwoofer and 2 full range ARX 3" speakers in headrest with extremely cool lighting.

If you like playing video games, watching movies with super cool sound, or just plug in your ipod and relax, this beauty is what you need.And it's also... wireless, so you can use it as far from your PS3 / XBox / PC / Home Cinema as you want...

I've got it for 150 pounds and I'm selling it for 40 pounds + S/H
I live in Coventry, UK and if you are nearby you can collect it from my place!

Thanks for looking!

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