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Anyone heard of or used Wattpad?

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10 Jun 2012, 11:52 AM | Post: #1

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Question Anyone heard of or used Wattpad?

I stumbled across mention of Wattpad as they'd picked up some investment funding, but I've never heard of them before.

From their website:

Quote: Wattpad is the world's largest community for discovering and sharing stories on the web and across every mobile device. It’s a new form of collaborative entertainment that connects readers and writers through storytelling and creative fiction! Wattpad is the only place offering a mobile, social, eReading experience.
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02 Aug 2012, 06:00 AM | Post: #2

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RE: Anyone heard of or used Wattpad?

Hiya! Well I haven't really explored it myself because I'm in Select, but a really good friend of mine is doing well there. He wrote an excellent blog article all about Wattpad, its potential etc. and a quick search on his blog will probably turn up a post about his results too... but for now here's a link to the 'What is Wattpad' type article. It's David Gaughran, so it's not some random hick writing about it :0)

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02 Aug 2012, 03:22 PM | Post: #3

Grace Elliot

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RE: Anyone heard of or used Wattpad?

Hi there,
I'm a member of Wattpad but dropped out when I enrolled a book in Amazon Select (wasnt allowed to promote elsewhere) and so got out of the habit of posting there.
As a site it has a lot of potential, but like anything, it takes time to build a following. I am toying with the idea of posting snippets from my WIP to whett the appetite...but havent quite got round to it. I used to post an excerpt from an existing novel every Sunday (hence stopping when I joined Select) and the extract used to get quite a few viewings and generate comments...but then I let it all slip.
If only I had more time...
G x
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