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Will my blog posts help sell my crime thrillers?

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Will my blog posts help sell my crime thrillers?

My DARK DEEDS blog posts reflect the themes in my New Orleans crime thrillers. In the case of DIVA by Susan Fleet , a stalker
Hoping you'll visit my blog and tell me if you think the blog will help sell my novels. I get quite a few hits ...

Madonna's Love for Keeps?

Robert Hoskins wasn't just a fan of multi-talented pop icon Madonna. He was obsessed with her. In April 1994, he scaled a wall and entered a courtyard adjacent to her Los Angeles home. Her bodyguard, Basil Stephens, saw him and chased him away. The next day Madonna's personal assistant, Caresse Henry, was alone in the house. When Hoskins rang the bell outside the gated entrance, she wouldn't let him in. Enraged, Hoskins threatened to kill Madonna and her bodyguard.

Aware that Hoskins had tried to enter the house the previous day, Caresse Henry called the bodyguard. Stephens quickly returned to the house. He confronted Hoskins, who said if Madonna didn't marry him that very evening, he would "slice her throat from ear to ear." Stephens chased him away. But as Hoskins was leaving he ran into Madonna, who was pedaling back to her house after a bike ride.

[Image: 51j01FbhzGL._SY90_.jpg] [Image: 51hbEGxQbJL._SY90_.jpg] [Image: 5159k2XMdhL._SY90_.jpg]