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How Happy Am I With My New Kindle - Poll

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Poll: How Happy are you with your new Kindle ?
Rubbish-Wish I hadn't bothered
Not So Good-Won't be using it much
OK-Hope K4 is better
Good-I'll be using it a lot
Best Thing since the Ipod
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RE: How Happy Am I With My New Kindle - Poll

I'm updating my score now that I have a new Paperwhite (2015 model). I score 5 again as I adore my Kindle. I actually upgraded to this model as it was smaller and lighter than the Keyboard, which by the way is still going strong, my eldest daughter inherited that one. I take mine anywhere where I may have to wait, apts etc and I read every night till the small hours and often during the day if I have time. Best gadget for as I have RA and can no longer hold paperbacks and I've actually found that I read loads more than I used to since I bought my first Kindle. I also bought one of the newest models this year for my youngest daughter as she did so well in college and the one she had was pretty old, although again still works fine, she keeps that one in her college bag!
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