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Try before you buy - John Lewis

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15 Nov 2010, 10:12 AM | Post: #11

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RE: Try before you buy - John Lewis

(15 Nov 2010 09:18 AM)ChrisJ Wrote:  I wonder if Amazon chose John Lewis rather than some other store / chain to offer the Kindle BECAUSE of the stories of their customer service?
They both feel as though they care about their customers and try to give them what they want.

Yes, you're probably right. Thumbs Up
Offline springer
15 Nov 2010, 10:12 PM | Post: #12

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RE: Try before you buy - John Lewis

I had a mooch round JL's tech dept on Sunday on Oxford St. Not an exaggeration to say the Kindle was flying out of there. If there'd been a 'hot cakes' dept, it wouldn't have been as busy. Customers - predominantly aged gentlemen - were queuing up to be given a shufty at the one Kindle they had on display and they all seemed to buy one. Counted three chaps at the same checkout all clutching the tell-tale brown cardboard box.
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15 Nov 2010, 10:20 PM | Post: #13

Keen kuffer

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RE: Try before you buy - John Lewis

Amazon are very clever, and so are John Lewis. I feel we'd be much better off if John Lewis personnel were running the country; they'd use mostly carrots, little stick, and have us all behaving like model citizens in no time.
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