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Price reductions for the Kobo Touch - now under £80

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22 Jan 2015, 10:22 PM | Post: #11

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RE: Price reductions for the Kobo Touch - now under £80

Kobo Touch
Not found instructions; so here = some I writ myself. Hope it = some help to some 1.
Drawing that saves as *.png @ 600*750
Sedoku game
Web Browser

    "        -German-     "
    "        -Spanish-     "
    "          -Italian-       "

But 1 needs to remember the word & then type it in if not using an *.epub file. (touch the screen in a downwards direction, & then touch chose word.)
French (also for Canada), German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch & Chinese languages may be chosen.
Also dictionaries for:
German & English (for all file types)
French (if using an *.epub file)
Chinese (using *.epub file in that language)
File types =: *.txt *.rtf *.htm *.pdf *.gif *.jpg *.png & *.epub

If text file has only characters 32~127 ASCI okay but if some characters 160~255 then save as UTF-8.
If has characters Nos. 128~159 or Nos. more than 255 then save as HTM or RTF.
By using the Georgia typeface, just about all accented letters are seen. Other typefaces maybe added.

Yeah Write for Windows from http://www.wordplace.com can be used to make files with characters 128~159, just export as Yeah Write file with an htm file extention.

FAT32 file system has 1,427,988,480 bytes (1.32GB)