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Ebook reviews - too many spoilers!

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Offline MichelleR. Reading Unraveled, Courtney Milan
27 Feb 2012, 09:05 PM | Post: #11

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RE: ebook reviews - too many spoilers!

(26 Feb 2012 04:08 PM)Plummielass Wrote:  I have had to stop reading the reviews both on here and on Amazon

Why do people when reviewing a book virtually give away the story ending?

Most annoying.

Surely a review should be precise and to the point and not talk the whole storyline?

Or am I missing the point?Whistle

I've definitely seen reviews with too many spoilers. I also think there are times when something reads like a spoiler, but it isn't one within the context of the story.
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Offline daveb Reading Bed by David Whitehouse
28 Feb 2012, 09:20 AM | Post: #12

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RE: ebook reviews - too many spoilers!

This post was last modified: 28 Feb 2012 01:48 PM by daveb.
I can't say that (up to a point) spoilers really bother me. I like to know a fair bit about a book (and indeed a film, play etc) before I start to read it. I probably wouldn't start a book where the blurb or the review was too woolly and didn’t give me enough to make up my mind if it’s for me.

Obviously if a critical plot fact is revealed then that is not welcome but only where it is the crux of the whole story and the success/enjoyment of the story depends on it not being known beforehand. …. but how often does that actually happen.

I can’t remember any occasion of being disappointed that too much has been revealed in a review. Generally I find reviewers are very considerate to the reader & author alike and indicate any spoilers beforehand. Maybe authors are too sensitive about this?

Or maybe I’ve just led a sheltered life Wink
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Offline Lady Hawk Reading
28 Feb 2012, 11:58 AM | Post: #13


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RE: ebook reviews - too many spoilers!

I think Goodreads have a button that you can press if your review contains spoilers. Perhaps Amazon should do the same thing. Or at least the reviewer to warn the reader about possible spoilers.
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