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KDP Select - To continue or not?

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Offline skate Reading
28 Jun 2012, 02:16 PM | Post: #11

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RE: KDP Select - To continue or not?

One of my books has just gone into its third session in KDP Select. The last giveaway on that particular book didn't achieve much, but it has had borrows this month. My other book in Select has had a lot of borrows this month as well as really good sales since the last giveaway at the end of last month. Before Select my book sales could only be described as a trickle. Now I've actually started a bank account to lodge my overseas cheques into (Australia not having an Amazon). So I'm still pretty happy with KDP Select, even though I'm using the free part a lot less than I was. It is a shame that so many people are looking for freebies, but I don't consider them to be lost sales. I don't think some of those people would normally be buying books anyway. They just like 'free'. I think with some, I could be offering free turnips and they'd take them. If, on the other hand, someone who loves books takes up my book free and reads, then I'm happy that they could.
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28 Jun 2012, 03:36 PM | Post: #12

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RE: KDP Select - To continue or not?

I did pretty well out of the promo. if i could sell this number of books every month, i could live on it. It's slowing down now after 11 days since going paid again, though i'm still in the top 20 in two of my categories. If sales go back to where they were (a handful a month) I'll use up my other two days. What I've gained is visibility for the book, new readers, several new 5 star reviews and enough money to pay off my debts. A lot more money in a week than I've previously earned in a month at anything else.
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