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Eerie Britain: Ten of Britain's Most Terrifying and Peculiar Real-Life Stories

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Eerie Britain: Ten of Britain's Most Terrifying and Peculiar Real-Life Stories

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Hello all.

Eerie Britain was something of a labour of love. I adore the macabre stories and atmospheric tales that quite often surround hauntings, and so I compiled what I consider to be ten of the most intriguing and fascinating.

Here's my blurb:

The British Isles are an ancient place, overflowing with history, quaint customs and steaming pots of tea, but these heart-warming aspects of British life are not the only things to be found here, for around every corner of this venerable archipelago seems to lurk a ferocious monster legend, a mysterious tale or a terrifying phantom—ready to jump out and scare the pants off you. Perfectly good farmhouses harbour mischievous poltergeists and snowy mountain ranges are home to baffling spectres, while castles and country houses list royal apparitions among their denizens. This is a land with more ghost stories than you can shake an EMF detector at.

Herein lurks a selection of ten of the British Isle’s most wonderful, terrifying and peculiar stories, so pull your blanket tight around your shoulders, ignite your pipe* and take warmth from the steaming mug of hot chocolate next to you as our journey into the macabre begins...

*Pipe ignition optional.

Thanks for reading.

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