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Favourite Dickens Book

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Offline sujay Reading The Glass Guardian by Linda Gillard
10 Feb 2012, 09:33 AM | Post: #21

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RE: Favourite Dickens Book

It seems like A Christmas Carol is coming out as one of the most popular. Not surprising really as it is short and typifies most peoples idea of a Victorian Christmas tale with a good ending.

I started Oliver Twist last night, and am really enjoying it. It makes a change to go back to a classic after a few reading modern books. Smile
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Offline kaska Reading Song of Jikhoshi by Katie W Stewart
10 Feb 2012, 09:48 AM | Post: #22

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RE: Favourite Dickens Book

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I have to go with the crowd & choose A Christmas Carol as well.
I have an old BBC radio edition on audio with brilliant sound effects & actors. It's just great listening to it on a winters day on the run up to Christmas.

Edit ... That's true what you say sujay... I might pick up a classic soon. Oliver Twist is another great Classic!


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RE: Favourite Dickens Book

Bleak House for me. I like the complex, intricately entwined plot threads and the huge cast of characters. And Esther is my favourite of Dickens' heroines - I find greater strength and more depth to her than his typical seventeen-year-old angels.
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Offline George Collingwood
07 Mar 2012, 12:47 AM | Post: #24

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RE: Favourite Dickens Book

(07 Feb 2012 03:00 PM)sujay Wrote:  Seeing as today is Charles Dickens 200th Birthday, what is your favourite Dickens book and why?

I think mine is A Christmas Carol because it always bring back memories of my daughters when they were younger sitting down and listening to the story, followed by my youngest watching the most realistic adaptation, The Muppets Christmas Carol! Smile

I'd say The Old Curiosity Shop, mainly because of Mr. Quilp. Can anyone think of another character anywhere that is quite that wicked, or quite so awful, or half as comical as that nasty Mr. Quilp? I also really enjoyed Dick Swiveller's antics. I heard somewhere that when the critical installment of the story was published, it was shipped to the States by sea, and the citizens of New York (I think it was) were all waiting on the quay with megaphones etc. begging the ship captain and crew to tell them straight away if Little Nell was alive or dead.

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