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Marketing plus

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Offline Neil Ostroff
30 Jan 2012, 04:55 PM | Post: #1

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Marketing plus

In my endless quest to market and promote myself so I can sell millions of books and spend my days fishing in the Florida Keys, I’ve discovered yet a few more sites and tips that are free and can do wonders for promotion. The latest cool marketing bit is on the Kindle Forums, ie. Kindle chat. This forum has thousand of members and there are hundreds of topics to comment on. But do not self-promote! So, why is this so cool? Because, Kindle forums allows you to place cover widgets of your books at the bottom of everything you comment on. So you can engage in lots of talk while also showing off your titles. You do this by going into your profile and at the bottom it has a button for the code to link your books. This is like showing off your covers to thousands without overtly self-promoting. Some other great sites for strictly posting your work are: writing.com, published.com, book daily.com, scribd.com, and Booksie.com. There are hundreds of others of course, but these are easy to sign up and easy to navigate.
In other news, SILENT INVASION has sold a few copies and I’m gearing up for a big promo blitz. My other books are beginning to sell okay and between the five exclusively for sale on Kindle, I’m selling about three to five a day. The next month should be exciting because all my promotion gigs start, including my Kindle Nation spot. That one took three months to get and I got it before they raised their rates. I just checked, and most of their spots are filled three to four months out. If you have a book to advertise, I’d book space now.
Offline Lady Hawk Reading
30 Jan 2012, 05:55 PM | Post: #2


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RE: Marketing plus

Best of luck with your sales. And thank you for the links.

I've just contacted a moderator about adding images of my books to my signature. Just to make sure it's allowed.
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Offline B J Burton Reading Complete Works of H P Lovecraft
13 Feb 2012, 04:19 PM | Post: #3

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RE: Marketing plus

Hi Neil

Thanks for taking the time to spread the word.

Someone's going to be the next Kindle million-seller. It could well be you.

Good luck with the books.

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