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The Prophecy of the Kings, by David Burrows

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The Prophecy of the Kings, by David Burrows

Hi. The Prophecy of the Kings is a trilogy comprising Legacy of the Eldric, Dragon Rider and the tale concludes in Shadow of the Demon. The books are being compared with Robin Hobb and Raymond Feist.

The story is set in a land ravaged periodically by demon attacks. A people, called the Eldric, helped defeat the enemy (Trosgarth) in the first Krell Wars in which a renegade Eldric Lord, Drachar, made an alliance with the demons, promising them 100,000 souls (see Drachar's Demons).

Prophecy of the Kings is set nearly 500 years after this tale. The Eldric have mysteriously vanished, taking with them sorcery - the main means by which the demons were defeated. A prophecy predicts that Drachar's shade will once more stalk the land and a second Krell War is inevitable. Salvation seems to be a future king who will unite the people against a common enemy. Dragons will be seen as a means of defeating the demons, but can they be trusted and what will be the outcome of a battle with dragon against demon?

Follow Kaplyn, Vastra and Lars as they set out to recover an ancient Eldric talisman, hoping to find discover what became of the Eldric, but instead are embroiled in a race to prevent the enemy gaining a permanent gateway to the demon world. Prophecy will be fulfilled and the drums of war will summon forth a host to challenge the alliance of the Southern Kingdoms. But Drachar has not been idle and krell, grakyn and knights of Trosgarth are now supported by new enemies, Priests of Ryoch and Death Knights. Once again evil abounds, threatening the people of the land.

Read a synopsis on each book, sample chapters and reviews on my website http://davidburrows.org.uk/

Sample reviews are:

Throughout the prophecy of the Kings series I have been impressed by the high quality of the prose, the excellent character building and the easy but gripping style of the narrative. Shadow of the Demon is no exception, there is a real sense of the dramatic in this concluding volume and the unique individual style becomes even more pronounced. The pace is spot on and the plot full of twists and turns that keep you on your toes and makes the pages flow through your hands as you hasten to seek the conclusion to the story. The characters and their development remain the core focus of the novel, largely the protagonist Kaplyn and his continued magical anomalies. The ending of the story is quite exceptional, poignant and more than a little bittersweet. Shadow of the Demon is triumph of high fantasy, a rich, rewarding end to a phenomenal series and should not be missed. sciencefictionandfantasy.co.uk (5/5 stars)

Dragon Rider. The plot itself moves forward quickly and keeps the pages turning, one of the real strengths of this series is the emphasis on plot and character development with less time spent on the long background, world building that can sometimes stall the flow of the narrative. There are enough twists and turns to keep the interest and as with Legacy of the Eldric, the novel is very well written with a flowing script that is both refreshing and easy to read. Dragon Rider manages to achieve the difficult task of improving on it's predecessor (no mean task) with a sweeping tale of high fantasy that will keep you hooked until the very last page. sciencefictionandfantasy.co.uk (5/5 stars)

Legacy of the Eldric is pure escapism, a high fantasy novel that manages to entertain from beginning to end with an easy to read narrative, interesting characters and intelligent world building, I highly recommend this novel to any fan of fantasy fiction. sciencefictionandfantasy.co.uk (5/5 stars)

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