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Kindles, Indexing and Battery Drain

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Offline Bricorn
18 Oct 2010, 06:46 PM | Post: #1

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Kindles, Indexing and Battery Drain

I bought a DX and, while I like it a lot, I had a problem with battery drain over the first couple of days. I'd turned off the Whispernet and auto rotation to save juice - also because the auto rotation kept rotating while I was reading in bed. Confused Fully charged on Thursday night but low by Friday evening, charged again, but was threatening to turn off from lack of power by mid-Saturday.

Searched the manual, nothing. Checked the Amazon.UK customer service guides and FAQs, nothing, ditto for the US site. Checked this site, nothing.

Googled it and found the answer;

The Kindle (all Kindles as far as I can see, but I could be wrong about the earliest versions) index their books - so that you can do a keyword search from the home page across all items. This means that it goes through the text of each book and indexes any words other than common ones; "the", "and", "when", etc. This takes time and power.

Normally this wouldn't be noticed, but I'd just added about 200 items - 160 odd books and the rest short stories. Overall it took 48 hours and 2 full battery charges to index them all.

You can check if indexing is completed by, from the home screen, doing a search for a nonsense word - "jasdfaks" or suchlike - one that won't be in any of your books. If the results show "books not indexed" or suchlike, then you can click on that to show the books that haven't been indexed yet - the one in light text is the one that is currently being indexed. If you check back in an hour and the same book is in grey, then something is wrong with it, delete and re-add it or you'll never finish indexing. A book stuck in indexing could mean that you continually drain your battery as the processor will be in constant use.

The DX at least seems to index books in file size order, so the larger books will be indexed last and will take longest. My last one took 12 minutes, I timed it (sad really) it was the Bible which is pretty huge text-wise.

Normally you'll only see this if adding a lot of books at once, but I understand that the latest software release forced a re-indexing on a lot of 6" Kindles.

I'd advise, when adding a lot of books, that for a couple of days you leave the Kindle on charge when you aren't using it, and that you do the nonsense word search above to see when it's finished indexing.

It would also be worth doing this check after any software release in case that kicked off indexing again.

On the DX, you can leave the list of un-indexed books up and they'll drop off one by one as they're done, I'm not certain if that works for all Kindles though as it wasn't mentioned on what I read.

Hopefully this is of use to someone.
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18 Oct 2010, 07:44 PM | Post: #2

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RE: Kindles, Indexing and Battery Drain

See my thanks on your DX post, the information is appreciated. Thanks
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24 Aug 2013, 09:50 AM | Post: #3

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RE: Kindles, Indexing and Battery Drain

I had a similar problem recently with a single book on my Kindle Touch. On searching, I received the response 'Item not indexed'. I tried deleting and downloading the book again: no improvement. I tried rebooting the Kindle: again, no improvement. This thread led me to suspect that I had let the Kindle's battery level get too low to support indexing on this most recently downloaded book. Fully recharging the Kindle solved the problem.

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