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Nigel Bird's Lumpen Thread

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Offline nigel p bird Reading
14 Sep 2018, 10:19 PM | Post: #421

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RE: Nigel Bird's Lumpen Thread

(14 Sep 2018 05:56 PM)Anna Faversham Wrote: Wrote:  Hellooooooo! All the old crowd have disappeared mostly but some look in just to check if there's been a resurrection. 

Some are on Goodreads, but as I don't do FB or Twit I don't keep up with the others. Good luck with your new book - hope it goes well for you.
Thanks Anna. I do see folk over at Facebook and that's nice. I guess everything has a shelf life and maybe KU's is coming close. It's a shame, but I guess I'm guilty of not coming here often (there are so many places to be!), and when I have done I've not been posting much. And the new book is the resurrection of an old book. It's lovely to be part of the All Due Respect family - I do like to have a publisher as well as enjoying the freedom of putting out my own work. My hopes are that it sells well enough for the publisher to feel like it was worth their effort. Small independent publishers have a difficult time of it, but they do amazing things because they aren't focused purely on trends or big sales. 

I'll keep checking in. Maybe next time there'll be fresh posts on the home page that I can actually read. 



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