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Operation eBook Drop

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Operation eBook Drop

If you or anyone you know is an active member of the military, stationed away from home, please check out Operation eBook Drop. It is a large and growing group of independent authors who offer their work to military members absolutely free. It was started by a Vietnam veteran along with assistance from the founder of Smashwords. The books are DRM-free and nearly all are available in multiple formats so they can be purchased from anywhere and work with just about any ereader.

Operation eBook Drop

I have been an Operation eBook Drop author since shortly after it's inception. It has been wonderful to receive notes from service men and women, including a very nice one from the commander of a nuclear submarine, and I love it every time I see what I call a Troop Coupon has been redeemed for my book. The people in the military service give up a lot to do what they do, Operation eBook Drop is a small way a lot of authors are saying Thanks!
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