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Cecilia Peartree - into 2017 on 2 sticks

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Offline Mads Sorensen Reading A Quiet Life by Natasha Walter
02 Oct 2017, 10:27 AM | Post: #241


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RE: Cecilia Peartree - into 2017 on 2 sticks

Based on the cover, I'd expect a horror novel.
I'm not sure it works. I would keep the look in line with the other books, where you can see straightaway that this is a Pitkirtly book from Cecilia Peartree.
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Offline @GCarlD
02 Oct 2017, 11:07 AM | Post: #242

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RE: Cecilia Peartree - into 2017 on 2 sticks

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(02 Oct 2017 09:53 AM)cecilia_writer Wrote: Wrote:  I don't very often ask for opinions about covers (probably because I don't want to hear anything bad) but I am considering something like this for Pitkirtly XIV (Promenade with Death) and I am not sure if the font is too garish/weird /blurry etc, so opinions will be welcome in this case - thanks in advance.
This fireworks image may not be the final one as I have asked my daughter-in-law, who's a photographer, to look for fireworks in her collection.
First of all please accept my apologies, I know it is not nice to hear negative feedback as you have pointed out, but as an experienced, professional graphic designer and a creative design director, please take my constructive criticism as a way of aiming for a cover that is worthy to be the face of what I'm sure is a great piece of literacy written by yourself.

My critique comes in two parts:

1/ If your book is written as a hobby to be self-published for the sake of having it 'out there' and available, then the cover is fine, as it doesn't really matter what type of cover you have in that case.

2/ However, if your book is being published in order to become established as a professional author, attract a following of readers and make sales from your books, then the book cover is terrible, really bad and unprofessional on many levels. It screams DIY cover and has not been 'designed' in the slightest. It has no authenticity as a book cover and would not stand out among the thousands of other books of its genre. They say never judge a book by its cover but in reality, when it comes to books, that is exactly what the consumer does. We are drawn to professional book covers, it is what gives us the urge to pick it up (or click on it) and want to read what it's about. Unfortunately, your cover would have the opposite effect and possibly discourage this action, as it is rather unappealing due to its amateur and pedestrian at best, presentation. You may have written an incredible story and it is a shame that your cover does not match the quality and professionalism of your writing, which is your area of expertise. I would seriously consider hiring a professional in the field of graphic design, or find someone who at least knows about the fundamentals of design and book covers.

Again, I'm sorry but it would be of no help to you if I had just said "it's ok" because honestly, it's not.
Offline cecilia_writer Reading Murder by the Glass by Lynda Wilcox
02 Oct 2017, 11:48 AM | Post: #243

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RE: Cecilia Peartree - into 2017 on 2 sticks

Thanks for all the very quick feedback. It's all really helpful.
Mads, you've confirmed my gut instinct that it's too scary to belong in the series so I will save that font for when I write something more horrible (if ever).
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