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Collaborative Writing

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Offline Lou Reading Ryria Series by Michael J Sullivan
03 Oct 2010, 10:35 AM | Post: #1


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Collaborative Writing

I was thinking last night that it would be very interesting to try collaboratively writing a book here on the forum, ie where someone begins a story and members take turns to pick up from where the last person ended.

I'm kind of just thinking aloud at this stage, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this, or one of our professional authors could point us in the right direction with regards to making it work (and perhaps even kick the story off).

What do you think ?
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Offline Jaxom Reading 33AD, The Time Hunters and Immortal
03 Oct 2010, 01:27 PM | Post: #2

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RE: Collaborative Writing

This is something that happens a lot on other forums.
I started one, years ago on the "Grapevine" forum called "Gardeners Rest" It was set in a fictional village with a local Pub/inn called the "Gardeners Rest" at the centre of the story and you could say the plot meandered along a little like the Archers with members posting a little bit to add on to the bit that went before. All characters in the story were "Grapevine members" who invented their own home/garden in the village. Some had greenhouses and others kept allotments. People brought themselves into the story with the attributes and skills they had in real life. Someone made jam out of diabolical ingredients and others brewed beer that imbues the drinker with strange powers. Seasonal changes also played a part in the plot as well as strange odd otherworldly happenings like mutating vegetables, time travel and exploding sheep.
The only limits to the story were the writers own imagination.
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Offline Susanne Reading The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson
03 Oct 2010, 02:38 PM | Post: #3

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RE: Collaborative Writing

Like Jaxom, I've seen it done on other forums, not seriously, just as a fun thread, and not an actual book, but very lightweight where members can add to a thread about a specific storyline - one I remember was a holiday trip where the members started out onboard the aeroplane and ended up on some castaway island together. However, that was on a site where a lot of members had known each other in the virtual world for quite a while and had an idea of their characters, maybe we haven't quite got to that stage here yet.

We could also try someting a little more "book'ish" for those who want to try their hand at actual storywriting.
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