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Tuff-Luv Apocalypse Case

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Offline Lesley-Ann Reading
30 Sep 2010, 08:30 PM | Post: #1

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What I Read

Tuff-Luv Apocalypse Case

Well, I finally received the cover for my kindle, so I thought now was as good as a time to get my thoughts together and put them down on paper (so to speak).

I got this cover. For those not wanting to go through the link all the way to Amazon to find out which cover, it's a Tuff-Luv Apocalypse Series case cover & stand for Amazon Kindle 3 / Global Wireless 6 inch / 15 cm (latest generation) - Guardian. The name given in the listing, so excuse the length of the name as it wasn't mine.

Well, the material of the cover itself is lovely and supple to the touch. The dragon motif on the front gives off a gothic like quality in addition to the black colour. Although not made of 'real' leather to be honest I can't see detracting from either the look or feel of the product. As long as it ages just as well. Soft to the touch but protective of it's contents. I would be happy to hold onto this cover for extended periods of time.

The kindle slips snuggly into the cover and there is a snap fastener at the top of the kindle, in line with the logo on the device itself, which once closed holds the kindle safely inside. So even if little fingers got ahold of it you don't have to worry about it being tipped out when turned upside down. Part the reasoning behind this new clasp apparently.

All ports, buttons etc., are easily accessible now that your kindle is inside it's new bodyguard. The case itself folds over from the top downwards and clasps shut with another snap fastener. Once completely closed it is now ready to be popped into a bag of any sort for travel outside home.

There is a built in stand which snaps into the back of the cover when not in use which can be used for hands free reading. This would probably be useful for someone studying or doing something like a book report. Or someone wanting to read while eating, not something I've done but I suppose for someone busy and eating alone while at work this would be handy. Especially during a lunch break.

There are cutouts over the speakers in the rear of the case, inside the cutouts there is a smooth silver mesh like material. I checked out the quality of the speakers both in and out of the cover and there was no difference to my ears.

As for the weight factor, well, while it isn't as light as my kindle was when 'naked', I can't say it makes that much of a difference. As someone who suffers from arthritis in both hand and wrists I can tell you that so far after using the case for over 24 hours I can't say it will make it harder to read. I tested this over a two to three hour period and it didn't make reading with it at all uncomfortable.

Also now inside the case I feel that the fragility I felt when handling the kindle without one has gone. I was always worried about squeezing too hard onto the casing and causing damage, now I can hold it without this worry as it feels more secure in my grasp.

All in all I am happy with my purchase. The only thing I am a bit apprehensive of is the snap fasteners used. I feel as if I am sometimes putting too much pressure on the kindle when closing them. But that said it's is probably designed to protect the kindle (or whatever device used) when doing this by the material padding it. So probably me being over sensitive of my new toy.Blush

Well, I think I've covered all the bases with what I think, hopefully I haven't waffled on and bored everyone instead of giving an informed opinion.Angel

Thanks for reading.Shy
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14 Oct 2010, 09:55 PM | Post: #2

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RE: Tuff-Luv Apocalypse Case

(30 Sep 2010 08:30 PM)Lesley-Ann Wrote:  Thanks for reading.Shy

Thanks for the review. Just bought the same case (although with the world-tree cover design). Not entirely on the basis of your review, I'd already spent a fair while looking around and deliberating, but this write-up helped Smile.

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