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Fantastic Username for Sale by Charity Auction

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Fantastic Username for Sale by Charity Auction

This post was last modified: 09 Aug 2011 08:48 PM by Notoriety.
After the success of the recently ended Anniversary Competition #2 I can now offer for sale exclusively here the username I temporarily adopted for board members to work out. It is

Accendo, Latin for "I Kindle"

You may be a member who fancies a very stylish change or simply a guest who is pondering joining the forum and wish to get off to the best possible start. Or why not have two Usernames - his and hers (sorry for heterosexist assumptions) or even two for your very own. Go on spoil yourself!

I will let this run as an auction sort of Ebay style. I will set the closing date and time as 2100 (British Summer Time) on Friday 12 August. I will PM the final purchaser with the password. All you have do is to change it and you too become Accendo, I Kindle.

However I wish to do this for the same charity that is benefiting from the competition. And that is English PEN http://www.englishpen.org the organisation that has worked tirelessly for persecuted writers since 1921. PEN has been instrumental in freeing writers from jail and even in saving lives. It is currently running campaigns for writers in Syria, Bahrain, Burma,Turkey and China amongst many others. This is a great charity for KUF and especially the authors on this forum to support. Soon the Kindle may become a safe way for authors in countries like these to distribute their work to a world audience. As all on KUF are very reputable people I will accept your assurance that you will honour your bid here.


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