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Kinda Anti-Climatic!!

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29 Sep 2010, 04:25 PM | Post: #11

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RE: Kinda Anti-Climatic!!

My brother had a similar problem with CityLink as well, they weren't due to deliver until Friday when he arranged for me to stay in his house rather than loose a day's wage (and as a teacher both he and his wife have difficulty getting time off). So he comes home Thursday and finds a 'we tried to deliver' card behind his door. He called them to be assured that they would reschedule for Friday - the actual date given.

He was told that they couldn't because of being fully booked or something, or short-staffed, or some such waffle he couldn't get a straight answer despite speaking to three different individuals including a supervisor. They told him Monday was the soonest they could redeliver.

They told him he could pick it up at the depot any time up to 8pm that night or between 9am and 8pm on Friday.

He input the address into his SatNav and drove for almost an hour to the depot, found the industrial estate and after driving around for about ten minutes found the building, found an open door and went in to be told in was in the wrong part of the building.

Redirected around the other side of a very large building he walked towards an open door with long line of people waiting outside the door and the same inside. Standing in line for almost an hour and half he reached a desk manned by one man who then took his ticket, checked his ID and disappeared for over 10 minutes into the warehouse. As he left the man behind the desk announced that the pickup desk was now closing and that they, the queue both inside and outside, some of whom had waiting up to an hour, would have to reschedule a delivery or come back on Friday with their tickets and ID for picking up their parcels.
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