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Reading books for kids

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Offline Barney77
27 Sep 2010, 10:21 PM | Post: #1

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Reading books for kids

I'm new to this excellent forum - hi everybody - and am on the brink of joining the happy Kindle owning hordes ('dispatched' today apparently) but am already pondering something that may be considered heresy...

Before I've even got my hands on my new toy I'm wondering whether I might (for part of the day and under strict supervision) hand it over to my two boys (4 and 6) to help get them interested in reading. To be fair to our eldest, he's doing pretty well with his reading books from school (Oxford Reading Tree) despite the usual distractions (Wii, DS, football etc). The other one may take an interest soon but is too busy climbing real trees at moment.

With this in mind, I was wondering whether anyone knew of any good quality 'reading books' (such as the Oxford series) that might be available for Kindle. There are thousands of kids books on Amazon but the obvious searches haven't thrown up many useful results.

The best that I've seen so far are some Roald Dahl books at the Kindle store (with pictures) but they're more books to read to them than for them to read at this age.

Any ideas?


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27 Sep 2010, 10:53 PM | Post: #2


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RE: Reading books for kids

my grandaughter is 5 and I sat her with Winnie the pooh 'reading' to her yesterday, after about 5 mins she handed it back saying 'here nanna I can't understand a word he is saying' . The book itself is beautifully illustrated even on the Kindle but alas the reader is very robotic without any kind of punctuation

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