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Is the book Sister plagiarised?

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Is the book Sister plagiarised?

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I just read the Amazon review of the ebook Sister and I must admit it is identical in plot to the famous Egyptian movie ‘the women market’ starring the unforgettable phenomena that is Sherihan.

Is this an accident or by design is all I can think of, if it’s just an accident; that a human story that could happen in any culture has emerged in the writings of more than one author or is it a sneaky plagiarism of a famous work of a distant land. If the first is the truth then I feel sorry for the author Rosamund Lupton who may find her reputation shake if sued by the Egyptians who are very proud and protective of their artistic work. (Egyptian cinema is the third in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood)

The movie a popular one that is shown repetitively around major Islamic holidays in the Middle East is a work of sophistication and beauty mainly due to the presence of Sherihan, but also the sensitive issue of women’s honour (and the way it is dealt with in the film) and the shame that is the selling of women around the world. The story is about Nadia a young beautiful successful journalist who is asked to report on the suicide of a young lady under suspicious circumstances, and only after entering the morgue and the cover is lifted of the dead girl’s face does she realise that it is that of her younger sister.

After the funeral of her sister she returns back to her work and personal investigations only to find that other girls of similar age had recently been reported missing or dead. This leads her to investigate her sister’s life, a life she felt she knew due to their close relationship, nevertheless every day as she begins to suspect how much she knew her sister she is reassured as she finds the complex and manipulative and controlling environment that her sister accidental found herself in. She discovered a fashion lord who was advertising fashion and acting jobs in the local newspapers which were in reality contracts to sell their bodies to the highest bidders abroad. Unwittingly and innocently many girls fell for his trap, and one of them her own sister.

The Egyptian police’s investigations into the case converges with Nadia’s, and as romantic feeling’s begin to show between Nadia and the policeman investigating her sister’s death, this is halted not only by her grief but the fact that he resented seeing her around the fashion lord (Hussain Fahmi) as he interpreted this as her being immature and immoral, unknowing that she was trying to get closer to avenge her sister.

Nadia is a strong and courageous lady, who easily brushed away the shame of her sister’s suicide (and the fact that the coroner’s reported she was no longer a virgin at the time of her death) and her fiancée who broke up with her during her sister’s funeral and instead concentrated her efforts into perfecting her dancing skill so she could fool Hussain Fahmi into accepting her into his new project of exporting dancers as well as investigated the dark world of prostitution in order to understand the way Fahmi’s brain worked and how to best trick him into accepting her.


Btw I do realise it is a bit of a funny combination fashion/dancing and fighting crime, but when you understand that the movie is a show of Sherihan’s beauty, dancing skills (best in the region) and her feminine charms, and that the story is merely a backdrop to allow her to do this without it being considered distasteful or immoral to the Muslim/Arab culture, it becomes acceptable. In a way not so different than when a Hollywood action hero kills many without them being considered evil as they do so in self-defence. In this movie there is a reason and good intention for her behaviour, and that’s why I feel it is a sophisticated movie.

I noticed the resemblance in plot between the book and the movie, and sincerely hope the author does not get in trouble as far as I know she is a new author, and the accusation of plagiarism can be very disheartening if not heartbreaking.

Anyone read the whole book and can tell us what they think?

excerpt from the film, posted what i can only assume to be an ambitious fan.