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Offline bookworm72 Reading Naked In Knightsbridge
26 Sep 2010, 01:07 PM | Post: #1

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I have started to add collections to my kindle, my question is if I have one that say's 'books to read' how do I move it from there once I start reading it, or move it to the 'books I have read' collections without deleting it or having it in two collections.
Hope this makes sense.
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Offline Lesley-Ann Reading
26 Sep 2010, 03:52 PM | Post: #2

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RE: collections

This post was last modified: 26 Sep 2010 03:55 PM by Lesley-Ann.
Inside the collection you want to remove a book from, hit the usual menu and select the add/remove books from this collection. You will then get all books on your Kindle listed and as you highlight down the books you'll get the option to add/remove this book from this collection. Once you hit the right book click it and it will be removed from that collection.

As for moving it to another collection, say marked books read, you would then have to add it via the same method above from inside that collection.

If there is a way to move it directly from one to the other collection I haven't come across it but I'm sure someone here would have and can advise you betterThumbs Up
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