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FREE! Sweet romance short read from Greece

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Offline Effrosyni Reading Lake of Memories by Kostas Krommydas
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FREE! Sweet romance short read from Greece

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Joanna boards a flight to visit the Greek island of Sifnos again after twenty years. All this time, despite the distance and her life's circumstances, she's been holding on to precious memories from an old summer love. Now, she's determined to meet again the man she once left behind, hoping for a chance to prove she never forgot their old promise...
"The author writes from her heart and endears the reader to the story quickly. Her writing flows in a comfortable and easy manner making the reader feel right at home." 
~Janice Spina, author of An Angel Among Us

The book contains a Greek short story of second chance romance and ten love poems from the Lady of the Pier trilogy. Readers who are not familiar with the series may equally enjoy them.
Visit Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B018UML0NK

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