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FREE Horror novel - Night Shift - 26th/27th September

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FREE Horror novel - Night Shift - 26th/27th September

[b]At edgeverse.org, we're launching another free novel. This time we're launching a 140k word horror with a Detective-Noir slant and moderate sci-fi elements. [/b]
[b]This book is going to be free on Kindle on the 26th/27th September 2021 (US time) and will additionally be free on KU. As well as that, all of our books, including this one, will be free to read on our site. You can go to the appropriate page and read it right there with no sign-up. [/b]

[b]Night Shift[/b]

[b]Mallory is a totally normal and uninteresting young man from a totally normal and boring suburb. He works a totally normal and mundane job and lives a totally normal and dull life. He’s not the sort of person who expects to come home and find that something so terrible has happened that nobody will ever believe his story.[/b]
[b]Is he descending into madness or is the entire world coming apart around him? Is there anyone who can help when the universe suddenly stops making sense? Does a mysterious, shadowy detective have the answers he’s looking for, and will Mallory be able to understand the truth when he finds it?[/b]

[b]Night Shift is a horror novel that takes a new and different approach to the genre. It combines elements of Detective-Noir with Science-Fiction to create a surreal experience that draws the reader into a world that’s more vast and complicated than they ever imagined. [/b]
[b]Night Shift is a unique new horror that might change the way you feel about opening your own front door. [/b]
[b]You have been warned![/b]



[b][Image: buildings-63602_1280.jpg]

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