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Esoteric Islam: A Hermetic Perspective on Islamic Traditions (Free Kindle eBook)

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Star Esoteric Islam: A Hermetic Perspective on Islamic Traditions (Free Kindle eBook)

Academics generally may not be aware of the presence of hermetic principles in Quran, and that essentially Quran is a divine book based on the hermetic precepts of astrology, alchemy, and theurgy. The predominant theme in the structural design and the message of Quran is hermetic in its character, and anyone who may like to discover the deeper insights into its message has to inevitably come across the basic tenets of hermeticism. I have endeavoured to describe this fundamental association of Quran with hermeticism in my book 'Esoteric Islam: A Hermetic Perspective on Islamic Traditions', which is available for free at Amazon Kindle Store. Those who are interested in the esoteric aspects of Islamic teachings may find this resource very insightful and useful.

As a research on the connection between Quran and hermetic philosophy, the book 'Esoteric Islam' includes the interpretation of Islamic traditions by use of the hermetic arts of Astrology and Alchemy. It discusses the mystical teachings of Quran from the standpoint of ancient mysteries and modern metaphysics. It attempts to understand the message of Quran in its structural designs alongside the principle tenets so as to unravel the mystique of this very impressive literature. I made this book available for free at Amazon, so you may all enjoy reading my work. Also, let me know of your gracious views about it by commenting at the following book page.