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Unable to turn Kindle On Or Off

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Offline GLSmyth
20 Oct 2020, 01:54 PM | Post: #1

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Unable to turn Kindle On Or Off

I am about to throw my Kindle away but thought that I would post the problem here in case anyone has experience this problem and has a solution.
More often than not I cannot turn my Kindle on or off without first plugging it in.  This is an old Kindle (probably first generation) and when I press the button at the bottom to turn it on or off, nothing happens.  However, if I plug it in and wait for the charging light to come on, it responds without a problem.
This is not a battery problem because the battery indicator shows that it is fully charged.
I have tried resetting the Kindle and it reboots without a problem, but that does not solve the problem.
One thing I have noticed is that the few times I am able to turn it on or off without it being plugged in, the charging light comes on, then it turns on or off.
Perhaps it is just old and should be thrown out but maybe someone has heard of this problem and can offer an idea how to resolve it.
Thanks -