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Hell of a Town

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Offline Bob Mayer
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Rainbow Hell of a Town

Hell of a Town (The Green Berets)
Death lurks below.

Will Kane finds a body underneath Hell Gate Bridge. Where this gruesome discovery leads him is a world even he, a New York native, never dreamed existed. Not even in his worst nightmares.

No one knows the full extent of the labyrinth that lies below New York City. It's a world unto itself. People, mostly homeless, have made inroads to the more accessible parts for shelter. But there are others who prowl the darkness for their own evil reasons.

He learns this isn't an isolated incident and that murders are being committed in horrendous ways; and they seem to be just the tip of the iceberg than can be seen. The police, not able to control the streets above, care little about what’s below and the missing. It's up to Kane to find out who is behind this. And as he literally digs deeper, he realizes it reaches to the highest levels of New York City.

Ex-Green Beret Will Kane has undiagnosed Asperger. He is a high functioning autistic, like a number of exceptional people, especially in the arts. Except his art is death and he is very, very good at it. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet.

"The best anti-hero since Jack Reacher." Amazon Review
[Image: 41mfpDLdOBL.jpg]

Kirkus Reviews: "Sinewy writing enhances this already potent action fix. An adrenaline cocktail from start to finish."
[Image: 51PLdXTttvL._SL95.jpg]  [Image: 51bIT2dEJEL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 512Dq8FMeHL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 51H8%2B5mSoBL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51n-cSJ5OoL.jpg]