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Help finding a book

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Offline Hollym89
15 Mar 2020, 04:57 PM | Post: #1

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Help finding a book

I read a book a while ago that I'd like to read again but I can for the life of me remember what it is or who it was by. I have checked my history but honestly I have read so many. 
It's about a security company who has a woman in the conference room with them making a plan with the other security personnel when one of their girlfriends comes in and takes her to get a coffee on the opposite side of the street. On their way back they are crossing the road ruturning to the security building when a van comes speeding up opens the side door and tries to grab her. She pushes her friend out of the way to try and save her into the arms of 2 of the security personnel who came down to get them from the coffee shop. What I can remember there is 1 person driving the van and 1 in the back to get the woman. 
Can anyone think of a book that sounds familiar? It's not much but that was the main bit that I can remember