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Spine Chillers: Ghosts, Aliens and more for Readers of All Ages

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Offline Tony Richards Reading The Empire of Time -- David Wingrove
10 Jan 2020, 03:17 AM | Post: #1

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Spine Chillers: Ghosts, Aliens and more for Readers of All Ages

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What lurks in the old coal-cellar under Terry Raker’s home … could it be something from a different world? Just how dangerous are imaginary friends? Why has a schoolboy from decades back suddenly appeared on the streets of modern London? Who are those peculiar teenagers hanging out around the quiet, dark regions of a seaside town? When a blind boy suddenly begins to see streaks of bright color, what exactly does it mean? Is there really the ghost of an insane girl in an old house’s basement … and how’s she planning to get out? What do mirrors become when they cannot reflect anything?

And in the gray, polluted world of the not too distant future, there is a machine that can create wonderful vacations for anybody under ten years old … but what happens when that machine goes wrong?

Tales of mystery, darkness and imagination, for younger readers and for older ones who still have open minds.


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