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THE CROWS - modern horror

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Offline Tony Richards Reading The Empire of Time -- David Wingrove
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THE CROWS - modern horror

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Crows have been a symbol of Death throughout human history. But is that even true?

When Howard Danwell notices them gathering in great numbers around his village, he begins to wonder. After all, out beyond his peaceful little home, the world is being torn apart … wars, terrorism, melting glaciers and pollution.

It’s getting worse every single week. And then the skies begin to darken as a storm of black wings fill them.

“Richards has immediately established himself as a favorite in my mind” – Matt, Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews.

“He’s every bit as good as the best you’d care to mention” – Amazon reviews.

“A hell of a writer, one of today’s masters of dark fiction” – Horror World.


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