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Are Audiobooks and reading an equal experience?

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16 Dec 2019, 07:42 AM | Post: #1

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Are Audiobooks and reading an equal experience?

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Hello everyone,,
I used to be an avid reader and it was something I genuinely loved to do. About 2 years or so ago I found myself not having enough time to read and after another few months I found I had completely stopped reading and it was something that bothered me and I tried multiple times to get back on the horse and jump into another book but again I seemed to never be able to find time to read and most attempts failed 5 or 6 chapters inĀ https://homestuffpro.com.
Fast forward to about 4 months ago I started working in a factory doing 3-4 12 hour shifts a week and I started getting into Audiobooks and I have been absolutely thrown back into my love of books. For me personally it is an equal experience to actually reading and its grown on me so much, I actually look forward to work so I can listen to this series I've started and its really captured my imagination.
Id love to know what the communities opinion is on Audiobooks vs Reading and do you guys rate them as an equal experience or do Audiobooks miss anything or vica versa.