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How do I work with pdfs on Kindle Fire 10 HD?

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28 Nov 2019, 10:06 PM | Post: #1

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How do I work with pdfs on Kindle Fire 10 HD?

I've just bought a new Kindle Fire 10HD and it seems to be a very nice device - but possibly useless for me! All I want to do is to copy pdf files to it from my Mac then read and annotate them on the Kindle. I can't find any way to do this. I've paid for and installed PDF Max Pro and ezPDF reader but neither seems to be able to find the files I've transferred to the Kindle. The files show up in Docs and, sometimes, if I double click them I get the option to open them in PDF Max Pro or ezPDF reader, although these options now seem to have dissappeared. When I opened a pdf in ezPDF reader, I got a message saying that the file was from a stream and couldn't be saved. Sure enough, I could add annotations but next time I opened the file they'd gone!
I never thought that opening and annotating a pdf could be so much trouble! I've spend four hours so far on this. It's my first experience of Android and I have to say that I'm definitely not enjoying it.
Any and all suggestions very welcome indeed!
PS I've no idea what the forum instruction about Google icons actually means. Apologies!