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Helpful Book Cover Design Guides

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Helpful Book Cover Design Guides

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As a self-published author, you're interested in a book cover design. If it’s challenging for you to come up with ideas, we'd like to give you some tips on how to dive into the world of book cover design creation. 

Read these articles to know how to make this process easy and effortless, and you'll get a cover of your dream. 

  • Fiction Book Cover Design: The Definitive Guide tells you about general aspects of cover design for fiction. You’ll get some insights on the peculiarities of imagery, typography, and color scheme for such genres as fantasy, romance, thriller, and crime. And of course, you will see a bunch of examples. Don’t postpone reading it. You’ll undoubtedly find some ideas worth using in the design of the next book cover. 
  • Non-fiction Book Cover Design Guide gives you general ideas about the cover design for non-fiction. It explains how to find a balance between colors, images, and fonts interpretation of your book’s message. 

  • In the article Ebook Cover Design: Simple Steps to Make It Eye-Catching, you’ll learn to combine the elements of design to make your ebook cover noticeable among other thumbnails. Also, you’ll get to know about various publishing platforms and their requirements as well as prices on ebook cover design.
  • The blogpost Illustrated Book Cover Design: Benefits, Process, Examples will give you the reasons why you can use an illustration as an outstanding adjustment to your writing. There’s information about the advantages of the illustrated book cover design over the customized one. You can find out about the steps of the illustration creation as well as see sketches and the final versions of the illustrated book covers.  

Enjoy creating book cover design!