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Draft2Digital Query

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12 Nov 2019, 12:21 PM | Post: #1

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Draft2Digital Query

Have just started publishing my books on other platforms, via Draft2Digital (the mass submitter), with a view to increased sales. However, I have a question, and it is this: how do I ensure that my books, all formatted in Word, look OK on EVERY device (e.g. Apple)? And regarding Apple, I got a message back from Draft2Digital informing me that the book could not be published on this platform, due to the following:

The types of material at issue include:
  • Competitor Links: The content contains links to sales channels that are in direct competition with the chosen sales channels.
  • Competitor Reference: The content contains references to sales channels that are in direct competition with the chosen sales channels.
Sales channels not listed above continue to receive this material at this time.
So, would this be because I included clickable urls inside my book to the books I am selling on Amazon?

All advice on this matter would be much appreciated.

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30 Jan 2020, 11:19 AM | Post: #2

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RE: Draft2Digital Query

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