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11 Nov 2019, 06:34 PM | Post: #1

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This post was last modified: 11 Nov 2019 06:42 PM by peter@petlew.plus.com.
I'm pretty sure this is one of the most aggravating topics for Kindles, judging by Google searches, But I'm going to add my experience anyway...
I very recently bought myself an early Christmas present of a 2019 Kindle Oasis, yes ok very expensive but I deserve it!! The Oasis replaced a quite serviceable Paperwhite (the one just before the waterproof was introduced. The reason for doing so was to enjoy the yellow/orange screen lighting for nighttime reading in bed (of which I do a lot being a bit of an insomniac).
But to move on to the real reason for this post. I am unable to get the collection option to work correctly (it does work on the Paperwhite). Using "your library/all/sort/list" the collection option is greyed out (there are unending Google entries for this problem). 
I have done everything recommended to overcome this including, downloading every single book (224) individually, including the additional 46 foreign language dictionary's (which I don't want). I have followed all instructions to the letter, but "collection" resolutely remains greyed out.
However, I have managed to be able to show the collections list by the following method; I took one authors collection (I'll call him Joe Bloogs) and started an new collection by naming it "New Joe Bloggs". then using the filter option and ticking "collections" the collection "New Joe Bloggs" then appears along with all the other collections. This I agree is one way to overcome the issue, but it is not the right way to view my collections.
If I try to add an existing book from the just downloaded listing to the Joe Bloggs collection (without the "New" from the menu in the book listing) I receive a message that that book already exists in the Joe Bloggs collection, BUT I CANNOT SEEM TO ACCESS THAT COLLECTION  OR ANY OF THE 21 OTHERS that I had previously in the Paperwhite, other than by the "Filter" method described above.
Why not, if I am doing something wrong, or missing an instruction do let me know. Why does Kindle make this important step in the product enjoyment so difficult to achieve?
One of the methods to overcome this I have seen is to do a "return to factory settings" surely this cannot be right with a brand new product?.
I am able to access my collections on the Amazon KIndle "manage my content" web pages.
Peter Lewin 
Your assistance please.