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DIE FAMOUS: A SUPERHERO NOVEL - now live on Amazon!

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DIE FAMOUS: A SUPERHERO NOVEL - now live on Amazon!

My new novel DIE FAMOUS is now out on Amazon!

It's the third in my superhero novel series, and continues the story of our heroes Martin and Hayley as they encounter a new threat to the city, at the same time as a young woman decides to change the course of her life, and audition for a TV talent show to become a superhero.

Take a look now: Amazon UK | Amazon US

"Ruth doesn't want to be famous, she just wants to be seen and accepted for who she is. And she is prepared to defy her father to take part in a Hero talent show to create a new team for Element City.
However she doesn't count on a team of villains from the 1970s waking themselves up in order to bring Havoc to the present day. Neither do Martin and Hayley, who inadvertently stumble upon their plot and find themselves risking their lives to save the villain's ultimate target: the TV show's contestants."

[Image: Book3final_words_400px.jpg]