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Amazon swimming in a sea of patent claims

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30 Sep 2019, 08:58 PM | Post: #1

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Amazon swimming in a sea of patent claims

Hello everyone,,
Since the Kindle Fire was announced the patent hounds have wasted no time in filing their claims with an Amazon now facing 18 alleged patent violations. The claims range from the file systems used in their cloud storage to technology used in the Kindle Fire.

Looking at it from a UK perspective, here are some of the most ridiculous claims and patents ...

For rapidly formatting and reformatting tabular displays of records, such as product listings : http://patents.com/us-6216139.html

For Data Display Software with Actions and Links Integrated with Information: http://patents.com/us-6128617.html

For a Handheld Computer System That Attempts To Establish An Alternative Network Link Upon Failing To Establish A Requested Network Link: http://patents.com/us-7506064.html

Method For Controlling A Handheld Computer By Entering Commands Onto A Displayed Feature Of The Handheld Computer: http://patents.com/us-6956562.html

For a Receiver Comprising A Digitally Controlled Capacitor Bank: http://patents.com/us-7299018.html

And best of all: for a Communication Device : http://patents.com/us-7072614.html

In all likelihood this is just the tip of the iceberg and once the Kindle Fire becomes available there are many more patent claims to follow.

Many of you may remember a while back when BT tried to claim patent abuse for every hyperlink found on the internet. If you don't then it's a great read showing just how absurd the whole situation is. http://news.bbc.co.uk...