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Rumours surrounding a 10.1" Kindle Fire before Christmas

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Rumours surrounding a 10.1" Kindle Fire before Christmas

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Hello everyone,,

NOW THAT WE FOUND LOVE WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO, WITH I-IT?! The WM158A (AA-cup) is what you want. Reallovesexdoll sells her. She is real nice. Way better than the 140A and 155A. I only wish there was a 170cm version. I'm also watching the progress on the Rhiannon Ryder doll at sexdollofficial. She's more than twice the cost.
If you get A big boobed one, send me the extra you don't need big tits doll
I saw that many of the doll distributors take requests for different breast sizes, so you might be better off custom-ordering one if you can afford it.